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Free Marketing Tools For Serious Marketers!

Wanna Know What Tools Real Marketing Pros Use? 

Sarah Staar flying down to the Grand Canyon

How Do professional Internet Marketers Make Their Money ? 

How do they run their businesses ?
What makes them productive ?
Yes, the professional Internet Marketers, the ones making tens of 000 of $$ a month, or the ones making that and producing really cool and innovative stuff, spend huge amounts of money on software tools and infrastructure.
But does that mean they don’t use a lot of free tools ?
Not at all, yes they probably do..

But only the best, right ?

I mean they won’t use rubbish stuff that doesn’t work, will they now ?
Now do you think they tell everyone what software tools they use ?
And how they use them ?

And especially what FREE software they use ?

(Because if they did that everyone could get them and that would not be good for them, would it ?)
There are loads of really good free software products out there on the Internet, often cut down versions of “paid for” products.
You may even use a few of them..
But which ones work in a business environment ?
And which ones have been shown to be useful in an Internet Marketing business ?
And then there is the problem of sorting out the good ones from the ones from the ones which are useless, or worse still mess up your laptop or PC and make it vulnerable to hacking.
Which, unfortunately, is the major downside to going exploring on the Internet.

The List of Free Tools

So how would it be if an established Internet Marketer gave you (as a gift) a list of 37 (FREE) software tools that she found useful in her business.
37 FREE, but useful and pretty cool software tools, that she actually uses in her business ?
So you can check them out and make your own mind up if they work for you ??

So you can shortcut the process of going through all sorts of rubbish !
So you can accelerate your income growth and spend less time at your desk, but make more money ?
The established Internet Marketer is Sarah Staar
(Yes that’s her real name, her father is Austrian)
She has been in Internet Marketing for almost 10 years - which is a long time in this business !
Sarah Staar at convention for Infusionsoft users 2017

She has a company in the UK and in the US.

She makes almost $1 million a year from Internet marketing, from selling her own products, from selling other people’s products as an affiliate, and from seminars and workshops where she teaches what actually works.
And she produces really good top-end information products - like List Multiplier.

Products that show you not just HOW to do stuff, but how to get ahead.
Yes, she spends a lot of money on software tools that support her business .
Like “Go To Webinar” and “Infusionsoft”. Software that you only need if you are a serious professional Internet Marketer making serious money.
But she also uses FREE software tools.
Software tools that fit into her workflow.
Software tools that WORK, that save her time (and money)
Software like “Lastpass”.

Which helps you organise all those usernames and passwords that you keep on forgetting, or have written down on hundreds of pieces of paper that you can never find when you need them ! 

Which can save you loads of time and aggravation !
So do you think it would be useful, even interesting, to find out what FREE software tools she uses in her business ?

To get a list that YOU could check through and play with ?

Maybe see how YOU could use them ?

And use them to give YOU a headstart on internet marketing ?
So download NOW Sarah Staar’s FREE eBook with her list of 37 of the Best Free Internet Marketing Tools, and discover what's in the toolbox of the smartest Internet marketers in the world.

Click On The Image To Download 37 Free Marketing Tools.

37 Best Free Marketing Tools - Download the pdf Now!

Do you want to know the tools the marketing gurus use?

Download my FREE ebook to see what’s inside the toolbox of the top Internet Marketers in the world.

And believe it or not, they are all FREE!



Is this program CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 another scam? Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income is a system that is automated and on auto pilot, creates passive income. It is said to be most effective for newcomers but I hold a different opinion of which I mentioned in my previous post. Yes, I do believe that newcomers to internet marketing will profit more in the long run by concentrating on learning to build an online business from the ground up as opposed to signing into a “Don-for-you” system. Chan the author of CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 says everything is done for you so there is no need to worry about how much work might be involved in order to make money with this system.

How does it work?

On becoming a member of CB Passive Income License Program 4.0, you can immediately access almost all your needs for starting a business. This program can appear to be a very complicated system involving a massive amount of labour on your part. However, all you are required to do is hand out or give away something free – a free quality report. That is all! That’s it! After you have done that, Chan and his squad will take care of the balance for you. What you are required to do next is continue giving away more free reports. Just do it as if you are insane.

Why Join CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 

Members of CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 will have access to all of these free of charge!

1. A high converting web page that converts at 50% - tested and proven.

2. A free offer that is very attractive enough to entice visitors to sign up.

3. Hosting that’s absolutely free.

4. Chan’s autoresponder will do the work for you as the visitors opt in.

5. All advertisements will carry your own Clickbank ID in them, as specially designed emails and extra free reports are sent out to this list via email. The commission will be yours when products are bought by the people on this list.

CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is actually very simple. Because you are leveraging Chan’s integrity and services the system is awesomely powerful. Some may say, all you need to do is build a landing page, get some subscribers, and advertise the products yourself. You need to know, though, this takes up an awful amount of time, and the people on your list will not know who you are. The other thing is, email marketing is not that easy to sell anything as people make it out to be. You would need to have free offers of high value to give away, possess the skills to write convincing email and be able to send them out with proper timing. Most certainly you could end up with more subscribers unsubscribing than purchasing the products.

More Training

Also, CB Passive Income’s affiliates will be able to access some quite exclusive traffic training such as:

1. Marketing on YouTube – everything you need to know about gaining high ranking on YouTube and Google also.

2. Learn to use YouTube videos to get traffic from other social medias like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Squidoo, and others.

3. Facebook Marketing

4. Solo ads

5. Guest blogging

6. Forum Marketing

7. Press release

7. StumbleUpon and more.

Also, there are lots of email swipes and banners available for members’ use to assist them in promoting their free website.

To sum it all up. If you are a newcomer and never made money or a very small amount online and is in desperate need of some fast cash prior to settling down and learning the pros and cons of building your own internet business from ground level, then CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 is for you.

1. The one thing you are required to do is give a free report away to gain subscribers.

2. You need not set up programs or software because everything is taken care of for you.

3. Chan has loads free quality reports to give to your subscribers to build trust.

4. Chan is a "Guru" that’s well known so most likely people will buy from him instead of you.

Click on the banner below to access CB Passive Income License Program 4.0

  After purchasing CB Passive Income License Program, please go to and submit a ticket with the subject: "Version 4.0 Bonuses" including your ClickBank order number to claim your free bonus.

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Free Bonus #1: Expert in 30 Days Home Course

In this home course, you will discover the secret to becoming an expert in any niche in 30 days. It will be well worth the time in your first 30 days to be positioned as an expert in your niche.

If you are not position as being an expert then you simply aren't doing the business, getting paid for your expertise, or selling your products like an expert. In fact, if you aren't an expert, hardly anyone is buying from you, because they are buying from the experts instead, right, and leaving you in the rain.

You see, there are some very specific steps people take when they encounter you online... they look around to find out what others are saying about you, they look to see if you are really an expert...and if they don't find some very specific things in place, they automatically assume that you are NOT an expert... even if you are.

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