About me

Just an Ordinary Guy

Hi, I'm Gary Handy from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I'm a mason in the area of construction soon to retire. I came in contact with a computer some time back, played around with it for a while before becoming interested in Internet marketing. I had been going around in circles for a considerable amount of time until I bumped into Sarah Staar, the UK's top female Internet marketer She really opened my eyes to the real world of Internet marketing. Joining her Licensed Partner Team is one of the best things I've ever done in years. My mailing address: 26 Sesame street, Maingot Road, Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago. Phone: 18683519399. National ID: 19540219040 Even though I've been online for some time now, I still consider myself a newbie as there are so many things I'm yet to learn in the IM field. I've made many mistakes and had setbacks but never lost my enthusiasm and passion for Internet marketing. Even though I'm a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago by birth and residence, my allegiance is to the earth; in my heart, I'm a citizen earth. To me, Trinidad is like a small town in which I'm confined and as a result, I have this burning desire to break free and familiarize myself with the rest of the country (earth) or as much of it as I possibly can. The country of Kenya is dear to my heart because of three very special friends of mine that live there - a widow and two children; they are native Kenyans. I have been communicating with them almost on a daily basis for almost 9 years now and they have become to me more like family than friends. Even though we are so far apart and I have never seen them face to face, they mean so much more to me than the people I see and rub shoulders with from day to day. By the way, I was never married and have no children of my own either.